Gcoin FAQ

What are the benefits of having an additional currency in Monster Galaxy?

Gcoin is a stable currency backed by USD. And because it doesn't fluctuate, it is ideal for trading. GGM, on the other hand, will remain essential for community governance and revenue sharing. Ultimately, these two currencies have distinct but complementary uses.

With the addition of Gcoin, will the game still be free to play?

Yes, nothing has changed in this regard. Going forward, in-game rewards will be distributed in MogaGold (in-game gold coins) rather than GGM, but this won't have any practical effect on gameplay. In fact, because Gcoin centralizes this in-game currency, it will actually make things more convenient. Previously, players received their rewards in GGMP and had to exchange them for GGM (50:1) in order to use them. Now, players will be able to spend their MogaGold rewards directly without the need for currency conversion.

How will the addition of Gcoin impact trading, both in game and on the Marketplace?

Only Gcoin can be used for in-game marketplace transactions. Materials, equipment, Moga, and Moga fragments earned in the game can be sold to other players for Gcoin via the marketplace. Additionally, Gcoin can be converted into Moga Gold or sold directly to other players to avoid the in-game top-up handling fee (30%).

In which currency will items be listed on the Marketplace?

In the game, only Gcoin will be used. The web-based Marketplace, on the other hand, will be updated to support multi-currency or fiat currency in the future.

Will Gcoin allow for direct P2P trades?

Yes, Gcoin supports P2P transactions. The exact rules and methods involved will be shared in an upcoming official announcement.

Do I need a wallet to use Gcoin?

Yes, because Gcoin is blockchain-based, it requires a GON wallet. You can set up a GON wallet automatically either by creating a Monster Galaxy game account or by registering for Moga ID (launching soon).

Can I use Gcoin outside of Monster Galaxy?

Yes, Gcoin exists independently of any particular ecosystem but has the strength and versatility to serve as the last missing link in any game's Tokenomics. And as long as you register for Moga ID, you'll be able to use Gcoin on all GON chain Dapps.

Can I convert GGM to Gcoin?

GGM cannot be directly converted to Gcoin and vice versa. Currently, the best practice is to transfer GGM from GON to BSC and, from there, convert it to USDT. You can then purchase Gcoin with USD in game or via the website (This website feature will be available soon.)

How do I redeem Gcoin?

There are several options:

1. Exchange Gcoin for USDT. Once you've converted your Gcoin to USDT, you can purchase other Crypto through Coinbase and other websites or withdraw it to your bank account. We will be rolling out this redemption feature soon.

2. Transfer Gcoin to credit card. We have agreements in place that will allow you to set up a new credit card and transfer your Gcoin balance to it. An official announcement will be made when this option becomes available.

3. Transfer Gcoin to PayPal or bank account. You will also be able to transfer your Gcoin balance directly to either PayPal or a bank account. We'll make an official announcement once this option is available.