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The great Zodiac is misaligned and only you can set things right! Embark on an epic journey across five breathtaking lands to recover the twelve lost Zodiac relics and restore balance to the galaxy. Along the way, you’ll make new friends, complete exciting quests, and, of course, capture the captivating creatures called Moga!

Monster Galaxy P2E is the newest entry in the hit series of monster-taming mobile games. The focus is still on the fantastic battling and taming mechanics that Monster Galaxy fans first fell in love with, but the adventure also gets a modern twist, thanks to the addition of blockchain technology. Now that each Moga is an NFT, you’ll have the chance to take real ownership of the teams you tame and to earn while you play! So, what are you waiting for, Tamer?

Celestial Simian
“If they bounce high enough, they might just reach the moon!”
Gourmet Goat
“Get a boost in battle from this frothy friend!”
Fangtastic Guardian
“Two heads are better than one, so three must be even better!”
Sub-zero Serpent
“Takes cold-blooded to a whole new level!”
Protective Pegasus
“With his super sharp horn, he’ll keep you from harm!”

Take ownership with this Token!
Monster Galaxy’s in-game economy is based on and driven by the GGM (Galaxy Gems) token. With this token, players are empowered to take ownership of the game and make key decisions that will determine its direction going forward. Yes, GGM is a currency, but it’s also the mechanism by which players are given governance over the game and it is the reward that they receive for all their dedication and participation. Ultimately, it is what brings us all together to make the game the best it can be. And now that Monster Galaxy is built on the latest blockchain technology, you can earn GGM just by enjoying the game!

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